American Steeples is proud to offer the finest steeples on the market.  We have over 100 steeple designs that can be customized with lightning protection, decorative louvers, crosses, and many more options.  If you are looking to replace your existing steeple or get a new steeple; learn how we can custom make a steeple to your exact specifications!

Steeples that 10' to 19' Tall

14' Tall Fiberglass Steeple

Our Steeple Model 3614 is a 14' Tall Fiberglass Steeple and is a great steeple for small churches. &...


11' Tall Fiberglass Steeple

Steeple Model 2911 is a fiberglass steeple 11' Tall.  This small steeple is great for small chu...


14' Tall Fiberglass Steeple

Model 3615-S Fiberglass Steeple


19' Tall Steeple

Model 4219-S See this model church steeple installed!


16' Tall Fiberglass Steeple

Fiberglass Church Steeple Model Number 3816-S


16' Tall Church Steeple

Fiberglass Church Steeple Model 4816-O with octagon base.


16' Tall Church Steeple

Fiberglass Church Steeple Model 4816


Small Church Steeple

Our Fiberglass church steeple model 21960 is 8' tall.