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Frequently Asked Questions
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What size steeple do we need for our building?

Usually the steeple needs to be about the same height as your building from the ground to the point where it will be installed and the width of your base should be approximately 1/10 of the width of your building. Our staff will be glad to help you with the design process.

Can we make changes to steeples pictured in the catalog?

Yes. Louvers, stained “glass”, steeple crosses, applied moldings, and other options can be added or changed. Since most products are built from existing molds, some dimensions are set and we may not be able adjust them.

What color steeples can we select?

White is standard, but almost any color is available. We can even match custom colors if given a sample. There is a nominal up-charge for special colors.

How is roof pitch determined for our steeple?

Pitch is the slope of the roof and is easily determined with a level and tape measure. If our technicians are installing your steeple, a simple picture or drawing is all we need to determine the roof pitch.

What if we want to install our own steeple?

In that case, we provide everything you will need for installation except tools.

What type of maintenance is necessary for fiberglass products?

It is never necessary to paint fiberglass, the gel-coat finish is permanently molded into the product surface. Since steeples are exposed to the environment, they may need to be pressure washed every couple of years with a mild dish detergent.

What colors are available for baptisteries?

Blue, White and Bone are standard colors, but custom colors are available upon request. There is a nominal up-charge for special colors.

How is the water heated in fiberglass baptistries?

We carry Hydro-Quip brand heating products which are listed in our baptistry brochure.

How are baptistries installed?

We provide complete instructions and diagrams for installation of baptistries.

Can we leave the water in our baptistry?

Only if you opt to add our Protective Coating, which is guaranteed for 5 years. Otherwise, the baptistry must be drained after each use.

How long will it take to make my steeple or baptistry?

Steeples usually take about 4 - 6 weeks to build (based on size) and baptistries can typically be built in 3-4 weeks. However, production times vary during the year and may take longer when our order volume is high. Ask your service representative for a better estimate of actual lead time when you place your order. Some items are in stock, ask about current availability for the product of your choice.

Is the FRP-manufacturing process harmful to the environment?

American Steeples & Baptistries follows all EPA regulations and reports quarterly to the ADEM (ALABAMA Department of Environmental Management), falling well within their regulations. We use resin with the lowest possible styrene content and provide protective equipment for all staff working in our factory.

What type of credit payment does American Steeples accept?

We accept all major credit cards along with many other forms of payment.

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