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News and information about steeples, baptistries, and more.

Steeples have played a vital role in the development of churches around the world. For centuries, they have held an important meaning and it tends to be rare to see a church without one. Though Christianity itself is not solely defined by these architectural structures, they add a lot of special significance in history and it’s something you should consider adding to your church if it doesn’t already have one. A steeple is the first thing many visitors will see when looking at a church, and yours should strive to leave a lasting impression.

Some famous churches are known for their iconic steeples. However, most churches also have a cupola on top of their buildings. Sometimes cupolas do not get as much recognition as a steeple, but buildings that are not churches have cupolas on them. However, most people will recognize a steeple, but not many people may know what a cupola is.

You may have heard the term fiberglass before when talking with someone about a product. But, do you know what this material is? Many objects are made with fiberglass due to its strength, weight, flexibility, and versatility. If we’re buying or building a product, it's important to trust the materials it’s made of. We’re here to explain everything you need to know about what fiberglass is and how it can be used.

The cross is a symbol deeply rooted in the history of Christianity and ancient history. Since it has been around for so long and adopted by different cultures, there are different variations of the cross used for different reasons. At American Steeples, we have created a guide of the most commonly seen crosses in America and what they mean.

The tradition of steeples has been on Christian churches and cathedrals since the eighteenth century. The purposes of steeples have changed throughout history. Many reasons behind having a steeple include when people walk into the church they will look up the steeple to heaven. It directs your eye towards the heavens and to God. There are many well-known churches throughout the world that are recognized for their beautiful steeples. We are here to share the details of these famous church steeples!

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