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How to Care For Your Baptistry

Baptistries are an essential part in celebrating the adoption of Christ. They are also an important and costly purchase that require proper care and upkeep to ensure that they maintain their appearance.

At American Steeples, we manufacture and supply church steeples, baptistries, crosses and an array of accessories constructed with high quality materials. We pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with our clients, and aim to produce a product and experience they are happy with.

Quality baptistry care can be pushed to the side at times, but it is incredibly important to make sure your baptistry is treated properly. The following are some key tips to keep in mind in order to best take care of a baptistry and ensure that it stays in impeccable condition:

Leaving Water in the Baptistry

When deciding if it is acceptable to leave water in a baptistry for extended periods of time, there are a few main points to consider. Fiberglass baptistries are a high quality and long lasting material option, however, the baptistry walls are susceptible to damage such as blistering and spotting from long term water exposure.

To ensure lasting fiberglass baptistry walls, it is recommended to fully drain the baptistry following each use and allow a week to dry before filling it up again. In order to avoid accelerated wear and tear, one should consider creating a schedule for draining, cleaning, and waxing the baptistry to keep the system in pristine condition.

Along with baptistry damage, safety concerns are a factor in leaving water in the baptistry for long periods of time. Children could be left unattended near the baptistry, which could have serious consequences if a baptistry is filled. With sound and visual system wiring around churches, electrocutions are also cause for concern when leaving water in your baptistry.

If you decide to keep the baptistry filled for weeks at a time, specific measures like making sure your baptistry has a protective coating, cleaning it regularly, and taking the appropriate safety precautions will ensure that it remains sanitary and prevents wear on your baptistry.

Consider Aquaguard Gel Coating

If you intend to keep water in your baptistry for extensive amounts of time, consider purchasing an additional gel coating. A waterproof gel coating that can be applied periodically will reinforce the existing seal of a baptistry. While gel coatings will help to prevent blistering and discoloration on the surface of the baptistry, it is still recommended to perform a complete drain periodically in order to remain hygienic.


If not sanitized properly, your baptistry can contain things like dirt, hair, debris, and other grime after usage. When debri remains in a baptistry, the growth of algae and bacteria can quickly occur.

It is important to avoid applying standard chlorine pool chemicals on a fiberglass baptistry, as it can harm the surface’s finish. In order to best sanitize the system between usage, it is recommended to invest in a high quality cartridge water filter. Along with filtering the water, UV light sanitizers are also a common option used to kill bacteria in baptistries.


After draining your baptistry, it is important to clean it thoroughly. Consistently cleaning and caring for your baptistry is something that will significantly expand its lifetime. After draining the system, it is best to use a clean towel to wipe down every side and soak up any remaining water and debris. A high quality fiberglass cleaner or wax is recommended for meticulous cleaning.

Staying away from strong detergents and chemicals, such as Comet, is best because they are prone to scratching or damaging your fiberglass.These highly caustic cleaners, strong acids, and cleaning powders could potentially damage your baptistry permanently and cause your warranty to be voided.

It is also necessary to ensure your baptistry has an overflow drain to help minimize the possibility of slippery surfaces and damaged equipment.

Here at American Steeples, we are proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of church steeples, baptistries and crosses throughout the United States. We have a variety of different baptistry models to select from that include single entry baptistries, double entry baptistries, and portable baptistries for exceptional prices. We also offer baptistry heaters for every application. If you are looking to replace, customize, or get a new baptistry, contact us today so we can learn more about what you are searching for!

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