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Baptistries 101

Baptistries are crucial pieces to the overall production of a church and vital to ceremonies performed within. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, portability options and more, baptistries are able to be customized in order to match the look and feel of your church.

Here at American Steeples we understand the importance of your church fully representing your missions, from the steeple to the baptistry and everything in between. Whether you purchase a pre-designed product or decide to go the custom route, our team will work alongside you every step of the way. Here are the basic things you should know regarding baptistries:


When trying to determine the ideal size for your baptistry you should consider the amount of people that you are aiming to hold. If you are looking to simply have one person inside the baptistry with the preacher standing outside during the ceremony, a single person capacity baptistry may be the best fit for you.

If you are wanting the option of having your preacher and multiple or family inside the baptistry at once, you will need to consider a larger baptistry with a higher capacity in order for it to be comfortable.


While the traditional baptistry shape is a rectangle shape, you have the option to customize baptistries to be a unique shape. If you are desiring a large baptistry to fit multiple people, a large square baptistry may better suit your space. Other shaped baptistries can also add a unique visual design to your church.

Along with deciding on the shape, you also have the option of a single or double entry baptistry. This allows for one set of stairs to be accessible or one set on either side. If you desire to have a space for multiple people to enter and exit or hold large ceremonies, a baptistry with two staircases may be the best choice.


Portable baptistry set-ups have become an increasingly popular option for spaces that do not have a dedicated space. While many choose inflatable hot tubs and similar options as a portable baptistry, they are not the most efficient option as they can be easily punctured and difficult to move once full.

Portable baptistries provide a structure that can be mobilized and is more comfortable for those utilizing it. These structures are typically equipped with the ability to attach a heat source, a solid frame, wheels and a pool shape that allows the user to sit.

Other Details

While the baptistry size, mobility and shape are vital to determine, there are a variety of other details that should be thought about.

An additional option is adding a view window to allow witnesses a better view of the candidate. Different size plexiglass view windows are available and can be added to different sides.

Installing a handrail in your baptistry can help make guests feel more safe and comfortable when they are entering the structure. Another aspect that would be convenient for those utilizing the baptistry is a drip landing. This allows people to conveniently dry off without getting your flooring soaked.

Your baptistry is an important, public structure in your church. We want to ensure that it is high quality, long lasting and represents your church. Our American Steeple team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about our products and custom options.

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