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The History of the Cross

A crafted cross serves as the visual symbol of the Christian religion and can become the perfect addition to your church or place of worship. The cross is originally derived from the ancient Babylonians before it spread to the rest of the world as a brutal method for dealing with disruption in society. The Christian religion holds the cross as a relevant symbol due to Jesus’s crucifixion. Because of his death on the cross, the body of Christ is represented by a three-dimensional cross. It is an emblem to many individuals to represent Jesus’s sacrifice and assurance of salvation.

The cross has since become a statement in modern culture and is often used in movies, music, and art all around the world as a symbol of healing, hope, love, and sacrifice. Rather than crosses only being used in churches it has become normal to see them in homes and businesses.

Why have a cross?

The cross is universally used by most Christian religions on churches, doors, windows, and it is even worn as jewelry or represented on clothing.

A crafted cross can be designed for interior or exterior use and can become a stunning focal point for your church or place of worship. When beginning the process of buying a cross, the materials that are used are an equally important factor in terms of functionality and longevity. Fiberglass or aluminum are the most common materials used for crafted crosses. It is important to consider the differences between each type to help determine which will best serve as a symbol for your church.

Here at American Steeples we offer two types of materials for crosses that are completely customizable while simultaneously functioning as options that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Fiberglass and Aluminum


Fiberglass, also known as fiber reinforced polymers (FRP), has a plywood understructure that adds strength. This particular material can be incredibly durable and weatherproof and provides reinforcement for steeples and other church structures. When working with fiberglass, our team ensures we follow all EPA regulations and reports.

All fiberglass crosses are available in wall mount options. Fiberglass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. When mounted outside, maintenance may be required every few years with a mild dish detergent to remove any mold or mildew on the surface. Our crosses use a fiberglass mesh, resin, and gel coat to add protection from harsh weather conditions.

We offer fiberglass crosses in different options and sizes:

  • Old Rugged Cross
  • Square Cross
  • Tapered Cross
  • Sunburst Cross

Aluminum crosses are made from high quality structural aluminum that can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. The crosses are painted with high grade automotive epoxy paint designed for exterior use. Compared to the fiberglass crosses made from fixed molds, the aluminum crosses are made to order from stock material which make it much easier to customize. These can be made to be wall mounted, roof mount, or free standing. The strength to weight ratio of aluminum makes it an excellent option for multiple applications. This lightweight material is a favorite amongst churches and typically offers simple installations and low maintenance care. If you are looking for a cross that requires little upkeep and will last for many years, this material could make a great cross for you.

We offer different types of Aluminum crosses including:

  • Square Cross
  • Celtic Cross
  • Orthadox Cross
  • United Methodist Flame Cross
  • Custom Cross


Adding backlight behind the cross has become increasingly popular in recent years. This can make your cross a stunning addition to your church while providing visibility from every angle. Backlighting can be added to any wall mount cross and is available in multiple colors. American Steeples uses long lasting LED rope lights with 120V plug included for easy installation. We recommend this addition to anyone wanting to add an ambiance to their church.

American Steeple’s Crafted Crosses

Our crafted crosses are available in many applications including: wall crosses, roof crosses, steeple crosses, suspended crosses, and freestanding crosses. These crosses can come in a variety of styles including square, celtic, and tapered options.

Completely custom aluminum crosses are also available and can be fully designed. If desired, these can also be offered as a wall mounted cross. Both materials of crosses come in a standard white color but can be customized with other colors.

How We Can Help

Displaying a physical symbol of the cross in your place of worship is a way to emphasize your faith to the outside eye. Since Jesus’s crucifixion, the cross is used by the modern church to inspire christians and serve as a reminder for repentance when seen. Our industry leading experts are here to support your every need by providing various customization options and design consultations upon requests. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on your project.

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