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Though a steeple is a traditional statement and symbol for the church, not all churches have steeples. If your church is considering a steeple, it is important to think about your steeple options as well as how you may want to accessorize it.

At American Steeples, we have a variety of add ons for the typical steeple blueprint that you can choose from to upgrade your steeple. We desire to partner with you to help you develop a steeple design that is practical, functional, and builds upon the beauty of your church. To help guide you through the best ways to add on to your steeple, we have provided a quick guide to the services we offer.

Aluminum White Steeple Cross

This feature, included on many steeples worldwide, is available as a 2’, 3’, or 4’ and sits atop your steeple. The addition of a cross can serve as a reminder for the message you wish to display for your building. This cross will stand out, and you can choose the height preference that is right for your church.

Non-venting Louvers

To add some variation around your steeple, you can choose to include a non-venting louver. These pieces are stylish and practical and are available in rounded or octagonal shapes. Louvers will provide practicality by helping to protect your steeple from the rain, snow, or other elements. Both the octagonal and the rounded models are high-quality and are sure to keep your steeple in style for a long time.

Round Panel (Cross, Praying Hand, or Dove)

Another potential addition to your steeple is a round panel which features your choice of our three designs. At American Steeples, we offer: a cross, a praying hand, or a dove. Once you select your design, the panel is applied to the outside of your steeple for all to view. Round panels are functional and convey a desired message on your steeple. They can be added to each side of the steeple to add dimension to its overall design.


Krinklglas is one of the more creative accessories that can be added to your steeple. It mimics the designs of stained glass while utilizing a cost-effective technology that makes it more stable. There are a variety of colors and ways to arrange the decorative panels to create the image you desire. Krinklglas can be modeled to portray a specific scene, design, or just add a simple touch of color to your steeple. We have a variety of designs made with Krinklglas that you can view to help determine what vision you want to portray.

8” Ball

We offer the addition of an 8” ball to yourdesign to add style and depth to the typical silhouette of your steeple. This addition would be placed between the spire of the steeple and the cross at the top. This feature breaks up the line the eye sees when looking at your steeple and adds a nice contrast to the design.

Lightning Cable

Different types of steeples need differing amounts of maintenance. So, an important part of adding a steeple to your church is considering what it might take to protect it. Consider a lightning cable that can help ensure protection from unpredictable weather. You can choose to purchase just the lightning cable without the grounding process or a solid copper cable that will run from the tip of your steeple to base. Lighting cables are great to have in place for when an inevitable storm comes.

How American Steeples Can Help

At American Steeples, we desire to work with you through this process and answer any and all questions you may have. We offer a free estimate for your project in order to fully discuss your ideas and bring them to life. We hope to help you create a beautiful piece that does not sacrifice functionality. Contact us today to help design your church’s steeple.

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