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3 Types of Baptistries and Accessories

Baptistries are a crucial asset to many different types of churches and serve as a vital function to the ">traditions upheld by several different denominations. If you are considering replacing a baptistry or adding a new one to your church building, partner with American Steeples to ensure you receive a quality baptistry to last for years to come.

When discussing baptistries, it is important to choose the type of baptistry that is adequate for your space, the size of your congregation, and the style of your church. We offer 3 main types of baptistries to choose from depending on your circumstances. Choose from a single entry, double-entry, or portable baptistry to best serve your church’s needs.

Single Entry

At American Steeples, we offer a few different styles of single-entry baptistries. Single entry baptistries feature a set of stairs on one side of the baptistry to enter into, versus stairs on both sides for a double entry. If a single entry is the style your church needs, there are a few things to consider. Our single entry baptistries can be made to include a window on the side for optimal visualization into the baptismal pool.

Consider the size of the baptistry when implementing the ideal model for your church. Our single entry baptistries are typically smaller than the double-entry baptistries, making it a great option for churches with a smaller congregation or a smaller space to install the baptistry. Being a smaller model, it also uses less water, making it more sustainable and easier to fill. Our experts at American Steeples value excellent service and want to assist you in installing the baptismal pool that best fits your church. Ask about customization options for the models of baptistries we offer.

Double Entry

With two sets of stairs, one on either side of the baptistry, our double-entry models are typically a little larger in size. Double-entry baptistries allow for different points of entry for different people, optimizing functionality in your baptismal process. If this model is right for your church, consider the different ways you can customize it. We offer a double-entry model with a window, as well.

Portable Baptistries

Our third and final option is a portable baptistry. This option is great for offering flexibility with church buildings while also providing the same tradition of baptism. This model uses a separate set of stairs that we offer or can be pushed against a raised platform or stage to step into the baptistry.These can be customized by adding casters, drain, or enclosed cabinet. There are multiple color options to choose from if you would like the cabinet stained. We offer two sizes to meet your needs. Our portable baptistry is transportable without sacrificing quality.

Consider the addition of a portable baptistry to your church if you are looking for functionality, quality, and flexibility. Other options are available so please let us know if there is anything else you need. Our team is willing and able to assist you in discovering which kind of baptistry is best for you.

As for the colors, we offer blue, white, and bone as standard colors for any of the baptistry types. However, custom colors are available upon request. We also offer multiple water heater options with accessories. Rely on our experts at American Steeples to assist you in finding the baptistry that is perfect for your church. Contact us to discuss customization and sizing.

Partner With American Steeples

At American Steeples, we value quality and excellence, making sure our products last for years to come. Whether that’s discussing the best ways to care for your baptistry, protective coating, or even heating your baptistry, we are here to answer any and all questions. Contact us today to discuss our different types of baptistries and the possibility of adding one to your church today.

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