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Best Ways to Boost Your Church’s Curb Appeal

A church that’s successful should feel and look welcoming to guests from everywhere, providing them with a peaceful sanctuary. Having a presentable exterior leaves a first impression on most guests, so maintaining this area is crucial for leaving a positive one that lasts. There are plenty of ways to add character and style to your church by planting new flowers, adding lighting, updating your event calendar, and even taking care of necessary repairs. American Steeples is one of Alabama’s most reliable church steeple manufacturers and has been helping churches find success for many years. With knowledge and experience on what it takes to design a functional property, keep reading to learn some of the best ways to upgrade the outdoor space at your ministry.

Clean the Building

Of course, part of increasing the curb appeal of your church includes cleaning up the outside walls and windows. Few people would feel comfortable walking into a building with mold on the walls and dirt all over the walkways. Though it may seem small, make sure to repaint any areas that are especially worn, and even consider adding a new color for something more refreshing. Doors and windows may become worn at a faster rate, so don’t forget to check small areas like those during your cleaning, too.

Another beneficial area you may want to improve is your church steeple. This is the statement piece of the building and is usually what catches people’s attention from afar. As the highest point of your church, it’s the most vulnerable to bad weather and other potentially damaging factors. Hire a professional steeple company to inspect your building and determine whether or not you may need repairs or replacements that could improve your church’s look. Once you’ve cleaned the outside of your property, try to maintain it by picking up consistently and taking care of what you can.


Landscaping has always been something that catches people’s attention and can add personality and color to your space. If you’re looking to upgrade your church’s exterior, consider adding some flower beds to new areas or replacing old ones with new ones. Having a variety of colorful plants is more likely to catch someone’s eye and make your building appear more inviting. Additionally, if you have flowers that you have already maintained, frequently pick dead leaves or trim around the edges to give everything a more uniform look. For some added value, find options that release a nice fragrance around your entrance or hold some biblical meaning.

On top of the flowers and more detailed landscaping, mow your lawn often to avoid a crowded and messy appearance over time. Spend an afternoon or morning picking weeds from the edges of your sidewalks or pathways for a cleaner look. If you have room, incorporate outdoor seating around certain landscaped areas where there may be a particularly beautiful display, giving guests the option to enjoy the environment.

Add New Lighting

Experimenting with different lighting is always a good idea when looking for new ways to improve your exterior church design. This could improve the way your property looks during the day and in the evening for services that get out later. When installing new lights, focus on highlighting key areas like signs, entrances, pathways, large structures, or plant beds that will make your church look especially pretty. The more lighting you have, the more safe and secure your guests are likely to feel, and the less likely your church is to experience a robbery or break-in at night.

As you already know, your church’s steeple is one of the most prominent features of your building, so you could consider adding built-in lights to it in order to attract more attention. This could also help visitors navigate the property once it gets darker, saving people the trouble of getting lost while spending time outside. A steeple with lights could bring in a surprising amount of new guests to your church.

Add a Cross

Adding a cross or many crosses is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your church. Crosses are very versatile and can be wall mounted, roof-mounted, or flat mounted. Crosses can be made in many designs and built in any size. At American Steeples, we are proud to have the finest crosses in America that are durable and long-lasting.

Crosses can enhance your property! To highlight the cross, consider adding lighting to really make it stand out. Crosses are a great way to attract attention to your church and give you that appeal to bring in a bigger congregation.

How We Can Help

At American Steeples, we are confident in our work and determined to find you and your church success. Steeples are a vital feature of any ministry, and we’ll provide you with one guaranteed to last and function consistently. If you’re currently enhancing the outside design of your property, consider hiring a specialist to inspect your space for repairs or possible replacements. Contact us to find the best steeple for you and work with a group of passionate and genuine individuals.

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