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Features to Consider When Purchasing a Church Steeple

A brand new steeple is an exciting addition to any church. Steeples are significant to the church for many reasons. They can be seen from remote distances and they help identify where a church is present. When purchasing a new steeple for your church, many things need to be taken into consideration to ensure your church is represented in the best way. American Steeples gives you a multitude of options so you can be sure you explore all steeple options before picking the next one for your church. The steeple will most likely remain in your church for years to come, so it is important to take your time to make sure you are making the best choice. Here are some highlighted features to consider when purchasing a church steeple.

Focus on Steeple Size

The size of the steeple is always an essential factor to consider. The height of the steeple should accommodate the building’s height. Therefore, you should assess the height of your structure from top to bottom and aim for the steeple to be roughly the same height as your building or 25% taller. For example, if the peak of your church is 25 feet tall, then your steeple should be 25-31 feet tall.

Another size to consider is the width of the base. To calculate the width of the steeple, divide the width of your building by either 6 or 7. For example, if the width of your church is 36 feet then you should look for a steeple that is between 5 and 6 feet wide. Your trusted steeples company can help you assess the best size steeple for your church. Be sure to ask a professional before buying.

Church Building Design

There are many beautiful churches all throughout the world. If you want your church to maintain its gorgeous appearance, you should consider its overall design when purchasing a new steeple. The steeple you are looking for should blend in effortlessly with the overall design of your structure. If the design of the church and steeple is inconsistent, then it might deter people away. Try to achieve an aesthetically pleasing design for a more inviting feel. For example, if the base of your church is shaped like an octagon, then your steeple should have a similar design. Considering windows and doors can also be helpful to ensure the design is consistent.

Explore All Steeple Accessories

Different accessories can be added to your steeple to help it match the style of the building and customize it to your taste. Below are a few of the options offered by American Steeples.

  1. Color Choices: The majority of steeples in the world are white. White is a very traditional steeple color, but it is not the only available option. If you are interested in maintaining the classic and traditional look for your steeple, it is recommended to stick with white. However, if you want something a little different, off-white, gray, and brown church steeples are relatively common and available. Depending on the color of the steeple you pick, it can highlight other features of the church.
  2. Crosses and Balls: Some church steeples feature a cross on the top, but not all. The cross size can vary depending on the size steeple or how prominent you would like it to be featured in appearance. Another feature placed at the top of many steeples is a ball. This can be added with or without a cross on top. A ball will help the spire move into the cross with ease and have other transitional benefits. At American Steeples, we offer an 8” ball that is sure to enhance your steeple’s design.
  3. Louvers: Louvers are an important part of the steeple that can enhance the appearance and function of your steeple. They protect against rainwater, loud noises, and strong winds, while also providing needed airflow. The vented louvers are most commonly used when a bell or electric carillon is placed inside the steeple to allow the sound out. Different color fiberglass, called Krinklglas, can be added to the majority of the louver options. The Krinklglas can be made to match stained glass windows in the church or used to complement the steeple. A light can also be added inside the steeple to shine through the Krinklglas for a beautiful appearance at night. At American Steeples, there are multiple louver options including vented or non-vented louvers, louvers with grids, and other options that can be discussed.

Steeple Anchoring Needs

Church steeples connect straight to the roof’s support system. If your structure has a truss system then the anchor beams need to be connected via the assistance of the number of trusses. If you have a masonry or metal structure, then they must be connected the exact same way. By assessing the church's overall style and materials, you are able to pick a steeple that is appropriate for your church. Be sure to make the anchoring decisions after speaking to an experienced contractor so you pick a reliable anchoring choice.

Stay Within Budget

Church steeples are available within different price ranges. If you are looking for a high-quality church steeple that can accommodate your budget requirements, talk with one of our professionals at American Steeples. There are many steeple options, large and small, that are budget-friendly. While the price ranges can vary dramatically, your perfect steeple is still out there within your price range.

How We Can Help!

If you are looking for a reliable, attractive, and sturdy steeple, American Steeples can help you. We can guide you in finding a new steeple that fits your church's requirements. Contact us today for additional information so we can find exactly what you are looking for!

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