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How to Prolong the Life of Your Steeple

Steeples are much more than just decoration – they are a visual testimony and a symbol of faith that becomes synonymous with a church body. There are a few ways you can care for this focal point of your church to prevent weather damage and maintain a beautiful appearance for many years. Here are our tips on how to prolong the life of your steeple.

Choosing a Steeple Made to Last

The most important step to a long-lasting steeple comes before you even have it. Your steeple will be serving as a familiar landmark for the surrounding towns and neighborhoods, so it’s important to choose one of high quality, built to serve your community for a long time.

It’s a worthwhile investment to choose a steeple from a company that can guarantee a long lifespan. It will save your church money and the hassle of replacements. It’s also an important consideration to think about what kind of steeple material fits the needs of your church.

Wood and fiberglass are the most popular kinds of steeples today. Other materials such as brick, stone, and copper are also commonly used. Fiberglass is the newest material of these, favored for being strong and easy to clean. Wood is a more traditional choice, but more susceptible to mold and mildew as it is organic.

As steeples sit high atop the church, they are especially vulnerable to weather conditions. No matter what kind of steeple model you choose, lightning cables can be installed to protect against storm damage.

Cleaning Your Steeple

Proper steeple cleaning reflects well on your church, showing you care for your place of worship as well as your people.

The best way to clean your steeple is by pressure washing it with water and mild dish detergent. While wood steeples can be painted to maintain a fresh look, a fiberglass steeple will never need to be painted as the gel-coat finish is permanently molded into the product surface.

Not only will regular steeple cleaning elevate the appearance of your church, but it is essential for the preservation of your steeple. The gel coat on fiberglass can deteriorate with exposure to mold and mildew. Without this gel layer of protection, the fiberglass can be at risk of water leaks and weakening from UV light. The best way to prevent this issue is to be proactive. Don’t wait to see discoloration of the steeple before having the steeple cleaned. Instead, have your steeple cleaned on a regular basis.

As for the frequency, that depends on the weather and the area your church is located in. Damp, shaded environments will be more prone to mold and mildew than warmer, sunny areas. A good rule of thumb is to clean your steeple once a year. Remember, a clean steeple reflects well on your church that it’s a welcoming and inviting environment.

The Importance of Regular Inspections

In order to maintain the stability and longevity of your steeple, plan to have a visual inspection once a year and a thorough inspection every five years. If any issues come up, you may be able to resolve them with a simple repair to avoid a full replacement.

Plan to also have your steeple inspected after harsh weather conditions such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. After extreme winds, a checkup will ensure your steeple is secure and in great shape.

Facade damage and mold growth need to be resolved as soon as they occur before they cause additional harm to your steeple and church. A steeple causing leaks is necessary to replace to prevent further water damage. Leaks can come from improper build and sealing, past repairs, or improper maintenance choices.

Steeples, like roofs, weaken over the years due to constant exposure to the elements. After about 20 years atop your church, you should start thinking about replacing your steeple.

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