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3 Products to Consider for Your Church

When seeking out a church the exterior of the building is often a church’s first impression. Ideally, church owners aim for their church’s initial appearance to look welcoming to visitors. In a place of worship, there are different interior and exterior products to add to your church that provide a beautiful and welcoming sanctuary and boost your church’s curb appeal. You can choose between many different styles or even have these products custom-built to create a unique look for your church to attract new attendees. These special products not only adorn your church but each provide deep religious meanings. Continue reading to learn about three important features of the church that American Steeples & Baptistries can provide for you.

1. Baptistries

American Steeples & Baptistries is proud to be a leader in baptistry production. We want to provide your church with this sacred area for recipients to declare their devotion to Jesus Christ. We have many different models of baptistries to select from including single-entry, double-entry, and portable baptistries

  • Single Baptistry: We offer multiple ready-made single-entry baptistries to choose from. Single-entry baptistries are equipped with one set of stairs to step down into and it is ideal for a smaller location. Each is created with our durable fiberglass and comes with industry-leading quality workmanship and detail.
  • Double Baptistry: We offer multiple double-entry baptistries. These baptistries have two sets of stairs to step down into the baptistry on opposing sides. Each double-entry baptistry allows for a viewing window to be included as well.
  • Portable Baptistry: We offer multiple portable baptistry options. Our portable baptistry model 9533 is ideal for transport while maintaining its impressive quality. This portable baptistry is 7’11” long and 3’ deep. We also offer an enclosed portable baptistry which has a lid for when it is out of use and wheels are attached for rolling transport. The beautiful enclosed portable baptistry also comes with an independent staircase for baptistry entry.

2. Crosses

We are happy to provide our customers with the finest crosses for churches in America. With many cross designs and sizes, and the use of durable materials for construction, we pride ourselves on our work. Our crosses are available as wall crosses, roof crosses, steeple crosses, and freestanding crosses. Our crosses come in the standard color white, but we can provide additional colors if needed. The material used for our crosses is either fiberglass or aluminum. Our fiberglass cross options are lightweight and durable and can be customized for your particular needs. Our aluminum crosses are durable to withstand any weather and can be custom-built based on your vision for your church.

3. Steeples

As one of the oldest architectural indicators of the Christian church, The church steeple is a very important part of the church. It is essentially one of the first symbols that people see to know the purpose of the building. At American Steeples and Baptistries, we have a broad selection of steeples for you to find the one that is right for your church.

  • Sizes: We offer over 100 designs of church steeples with an array of different sizes of steeples that would fit any sized church. We have three size range categories you can choose from based on the size of your church and what you are in need on. For a quaint church, we offer seven steeple options that are sized 8’-19’ tall. We also offer 29 different steeples in our 20’-29’ tall category. As well as, our extra large steeple selection in which we offer 15 steeples that start from 30’ and can be up to 52’ tall. Our steeples are built from low-maintenance fiberglass that is high quality and built to last.
  • Steeple Accessories: We offer an array of steeple accessories to customize your own unique church steeple. We offer 4 designs of steeple spires that range from 13’ to 24’ tall to point toward heaven in your place of worship. Allow our award-winning artist to recreate your favorite scene, or collaborate with your ideas and create a stunning work of art using Krinklglass. Other design accessories include an aluminum white cross to the top of your steeple, decorative non-venting louvers in different shapes, and more.


American Steeples & Bapistries is a family-owned and run company who are proud to serve the Lord in our work. We believe that manufacturing long-lasting steeples, baptistries, and crosses for churches is an honor. We provide our customers with exceptional quality and customer service at great prices. We offer a selection of ready-made products or custom creations by request. We will ensure your product is high quality with a long lifespan. With a unique approach and an aim to build relationships with all of our customers, we are always available to answer your questions and talk you through the entire process. If you are shopping for new or upgraded additions to your church, contact us today!

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