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Though a steeple is a traditional statement and symbol for the church, not all churches have steeples. If your church is considering a steeple, it is important to think about your steeple options as well as how you may want to accessorize it.

At American Steeples, we have a variety of add ons for the typical steeple blueprint that you can choose from to upgrade your steeple. We desire to partner with you to help you develop a steeple design that is practical, functional, and builds upon the beauty of your church. To help guide you through the best ways to add on to your steeple, we have provided a quick guide to the services we offer.

The History of the Cross

A crafted cross serves as the visual symbol of the Christian religion and can become the perfect addition to your church or place of worship. The cross is originally derived from the ancient Babylonians before it spread to the rest of the world as a brutal method for dealing with disruption in society. The Christian religion holds the cross as a relevant symbol due to Jesus’s crucifixion. Because of his death on the cross, the body of Christ is represented by a three-dimensional cross. It is an emblem to many individuals to represent Jesus’s sacrifice and assurance of salvation.

The cross has since become a statement in modern culture and is often used in movies, music, and art all around the world as a symbol of healing, hope, love, and sacrifice. Rather than crosses only being used in churches it has become normal to see them in homes and businesses.

One of the clearest signs and oldest architectural features of a church is a steeple. The origins of steeples trace back to a variety of traditions that date back thousands of years. Even with their long history, steeples are still a popular feature among churches today.

However, steeples don’t have an infinite shelf life. As a church, there will come a time when it is necessary to replace your steeple. Since a replacement often means interfering with the appearance of a focal point for the church, a steeple in need of repair or replacement can create a significant safety hazard. It is important to understand the signs of a steeple in need of replacement to best determine how to go about the process.

While steeples may vary in height, intricacy, and detail, most churches bear one—But why is this the case?


Steeples have a long history with churches and have been a vital aspect of church architecture since the conversion of Constantine the Great, the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity. As far back as the year 312, when Constantine’s proclamation made Christianity the official religion of the Roman State, steeples have been an integral part of the church and Christian identity as a whole.

When considering buying a steeple or cupola, it is important to understand the differences in the materials that are used to build these structures. The differences in materials will ultimately change the look of your structure. Fiberglass and wood are the most popular materials used in steeples today. In addition to these materials, brick, stone, and even copper are commonly used.

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